A start to systematic change… less testing

Gov. Brown sets the ball rolling in the right direction, as described here by the Washington Post Answer Sheet. California, and arguably most western jurisdictions could stand for much less standardized and high-stakes testing. I’ll give Gov. Brown a C+ for that, but the solution is not to increase accountability in other ways.

How about decreasing accountability in favour of increasing autonomy for and trust in teachers. Invest in professional development, training and certification of teachers if the trust doesn’t come easy so that confidence in teachers as professionals can be regained.

Perhaps then we can se that the problem with education is not poor teaching, but poor design of the system. By and large, the education system closely resembles the system of 100 years ago. The innovation of that time was the production line and the education system produced workers well suited to it. Today, innovation involves individual production and publication of mass-media to a global market, solutions to economic crises and bringing democracy to autocratic nations. These innovations and the minds to see them trough are not readily going to come from a system designed to train factory workers. Let’s change the system.


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