iPads in the Classroom

From mid-September, to early-December 2013, I will be taking the lead on a project to explore and demonstrate ways in which iPads can be used in the classroom.  For this project Coal Tyee Elementary has been granted a set of 15 second generation iPads, and the peripherals to support them.  The devices will be used rather intensively in my grade 6/7 class, Mrs. Susan Merritt’s grade 6/7 class and Judith Tye’s grade 4/5 class with additional time being provided for the remainder of the classes to explore–perhaps with the assistance of our three project team classes.

I have taken one of the iPads home this weekend to explore what apps came pre-installed with them, and what else has been purchased and is available to download onto the devices.  I used the Videolicious app on the device to create this short video of what I found and what I did about it.